Laboureur forms new partnership with Ittlinger

Stuttgart, Germany, January 31, 2019 – Chantal Laboureur has formed a new partnership with 24-year-old Sandra Ittlinger to chase for a spot at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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Laboureur was quick to find a new partner following the reshuffling of the German women’s teams.

“Sandra was my dream partner,” Laboureur said. “With her as a blocker, I am confident that I can continue to hold on to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games campaign.”

“I can understand Sandra’s decision,” said Ittlinger’s former partner Kim Behrens, who gave her blessing to the new partners. “She is just so good and has gained a lot of experience on the World Tour. We were a great team and would certainly have had our successes, but I fully accept that she does not want to miss this opportunity.”

Laboureur and Ittlinger will be coached by Brazilian Ricardo 'Vento' Brunale de Andrade and German Olympian Kay Matysik, who retired in 2017.

Meanwhile, Ittlinger is looking forward to working with her new partner and wished her former partner well.

“I am sure that I will learn a lot playing alongside Chantal and I am looking forward to facing new challenges with her and our coaches Kay and Vento,” Ittlinger said. “I am grateful to Kim for the last year and a half and very proud of our team. We have become very good friends and I wish her the best.”

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